Typhrodisia's Bellydance and Beyond - Bellydance and world dance lessons and performances

with Typhrodisia

Date- Saturday , September 21, 2019
Time- 11:00-12:30
Price- $25.00

In this workshop we will use pre- mixed henna in a cone. Each student will receive one cone to practice with during the workshop, one henna cone to take home, practice design, and how to instructions. Typhrodisia will design a small henna design on you ( you do not have to get a design applied , just inform Typhrodisia that you do not want the henna tattoo.)

Have you ever seen the beautiful henna tattoo's and wondered how they were made. The artist makes it look so east, but she is executing the technique perfectly to make the beautiful design, and she has had many hours of practice to perfect the design.

What is Henna?  Henna is a powdered dried plant leaf. The henna is mixed with other ingredients to form a paste and can be used for dying hair and skin. Once the design is applied to the skin and the henna dries and flakes off, you will be left with a beautiful henna tattoo.

How long does a henna tattoo last? Henna tattoo's last anywhere between a week and a month
( Typhrodisia is in the picture, she did not do the design on her back)

with Typhrodisia

Date- Sunday October 13, 2019
Time- 7-8PM
$20.00- 1 person

$40.00- 2 people

Come and join us in this unique and relaxing once a month candlelight bellydance class. The studio will flicker under the candlelight. Soft bellydance music will fill the air , as you let all of your stress of the day disappear. There isn't any choreography or combos to learn. You will follow typhrodisia in slow and relaxing bellydance moves and end the class in a soft stretches. 
Bring a yoga mat if you have one and a bottle of water.

**Tuesday Class**

with Dimitra Neonakis

Date- Tuesday , September 17
Time- 6:30-7:30PM
5 week session
Price- $69.00

Come get your groove on Mumbai style, with a touch of Kingston and a little homegrown DC gogo. ( Bollywood/ hiphop fusion)

In this urban dance fusion combines the best of Indian folk and film dance with hip hop moves. Punjabi/West Indian fusion music provides the score. 

Some classical Indian moves and combos will also be included on occasion. 

You will learn a full choreography, and have the option of performing the dance at Typhrodisia's Halloween hafla on October 12. ( not mandatory to perform)

Bring a bottle of water

*Level 1 And 2 Bellydance Class
  with Typhrodisia

Tuesday,  September 24, 2019
7:30-9PM ( 1 and 1/2 hour classes)
8 week session

prerequisite-you must take at least one of  Typhrodisia's beginner bellydance sessions and have snake arms, leg shimmy , undulations glut squeezes, pelvic locks and figure 8 movements memorized.
In the Level 1 and 2 bellydance class you will learn proper bellydance posture, technique and etiquette . Start to layer the muscular movements you learned in the beginner class. We will drill each movement and focus on timing. 45 minutes of technique and 45 min of choreography. Learn confidence, grace and how to perform FOR the audience not just in front of them.

***Thursday Classes***

*Beginner Bellydance  
Technique  And Choreography Class 
with Typhrodisia 

Thursday,  Sept 5, 2019
7-8:30PM ( 1 and 1/2 hour class)
5 week session
Price - $79.00

In the beginner 5 week ,hour and a half technique/choreographyclass, you will learn 45 minutes of technique and 45 minutes of a full choreography. 

In the Technique section we will break down the basic muscular movements such as snake arms, up to down and down to up undulations, back to front and front to back hip figure eights, up to down and down to up hip figure eights, head slides, chest lifts and pelvic locks.

In the Choreography section you will learn a new part of a dance, by the end of the 5th class you will learn a complete dance.

* no prerequisite*

wear comfortable clothing , yoga pants, sweat pants , tank top or T shirt. You do not need to show you belly.
*Gain confidence to move onto the Level 1 and 2

***Friday Classes***

With Christy Stouffer

Date-Friday, September 13
Time- 6:30- 7:30PM
5 week session
Price- $69.00

In the basic movement and dance for musical theatre class, you will work on movements, flexibility, technique, isolation of muscle groups, style and performance, and learn a Broadway-style dance routine. This class will be taught in levels, to your abilities. This class is perfect for those who want to do musical theatre but dread the dance portion of auditions, or for those who just want to have fun with this style of dance.

You will learn a full choreography and have the option of performing this dance at Typhrodisia's Halloween hafla on October 12. ( not mandatory to perform)

Dance sneakers are highly recommended. Bring a bottle of water.

with Chrisy Stouffer

Date- Friday, September 13
Time- 7:30-8:30PM
5 week session
Price- $69.00

Precision/kickline class, think Rockettes! You'll learn to be precise in your movements and to coordinate moves with others, ending in full-out, eye-high kicks. This class is a bit more high-impact, and takes a bit more flexibility and dance discipline. Some dance experience and overall fitness will be helpful with this style of dance, but even for non-dancers, it's a good workout and helps develop precision in movement.

You will learn a full choreography and have the option of performing this dance at Typhrodisia's Halloween hafla on October 12. ( not mandatory to perform)

For both classes, dance sneakers are highly recommended , and a bottle of water.

*** Saturday Classes***

* Morning Bellydance
Technique and Combo's Class
with Typhrodisia

Saturday , October 26, 2019
5 week session
Price- $69.00

You can't make the week day bellydance classes, then this is the right class for you. You will learn bellydance moves and put them together to make short combo's. No choreography. Get ready to shimmy and shake those hips.
This is the only class that does drop in's

With Typhrodisia

Date-Saturday, October 26, 2019
Time-11:15-12:00  ( 45 min class- 5 week session)
Price- $69.00
For ages 5-14   
Mommy and 1 child $69.00

Mommy and 2 children $89.00

Come share your and your daughters first bellydance class together!  Learn a complete dance that the two of you can show your family and friends. Have the option of performing the dance with your child at one of our haflas ( bellydance party ) held right here at the studio. It is not mandatory to perform. You do not need to show your belly. Price includes both mommy and child. It is the parents responsibility  to make sure the child is behaving in class. Hip scarves and adult and children costumes are available for purchase at the studio.
Each additional child is a $20.00,

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