Typhrodisia's Bellydance and Beyond - Bellydance and world dance lessons and performances

Location- Typhrodisia's Bellydance and Beyond Studio

Date- August 11, 2018

Time- 1-3PM

Fee- $35.00- Your paypal payment is your receipt and your confirmation.

Come feel the islands in this fun Hula workshop. In this workshop you will learn a dance using Pu'ili implements. Pu'ilis are bamboo stick that have long slits in it , and are hit together to make a unique sound. Typhrodisia has enough puili sets for 10 students to use during the workshop.

You will have the option of performing the pu'ili dance with Typhrodisia at the Tiki Hafla that is immediately following the workshop. It is not mandatory to perform.

What to wear- a Pau ( a hula skirt) or a skirt that is below the knees. No shoes required

What to bring- a bottle of water, a hand towel and your smile

please arrive 10 minutes early.

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